Insanity Core Cardio and Balance Day 34


I know I haven’t been posting recently about Insanity, but I’ve been doing it faithfully every morning 5 days a week (I know the program is a 6 day a week program, but I need some time off to recoup).  I currently finished day 34 of the Insanity program which concludes my Recovery Week with Core Cardio and Balance.  Unlike month 1 where your workouts alternate between a number of options, this week I had to complete the same video every day for 6 days.  I am going to go ahead and put it out there, this was probably my least favorite video out of all the ones I have completed so far.  Even though it is roughly a 37-minute workout, I am so bored in the beginning.  I don’t start enjoying the video until the very end when we get into the super tough stuff like the hip-flexor burners and the shoulder burners.  I didn’t feel like I was getting as good of a workout in this video like I did in the others, but on the other hand I was probably working in my fat burning zone (which is difficult for me to do).  Knowing this bit of information kept me going through the entire week.  

Here is a mini breakdown of the video:

Warm Up: Each move is for 1-minute

  • Switch Heel Kicks –  Jump rope while alternating your heels outwards, landing with soft knees
  • Mummy Kicks 
  • Football Shuffle – shuffling side to side and clapping at the end
  • Log Jumps – sprinting for 8 counts and jumping over an imaginary log
  • 8 High Knees / 8 Power Jacks 
  • 8 Fast Feet / 8 Hooks – sprinting for 8 counts and then using your core to throw eight alternating hooks

Stretching: Shaun T is really good at making sure you get a good stretch in.  Don’t skimp on your stretch and don’t forget to take the water break afterwards.  You need it even if you think you don’t!

Core Cardio: Again each move is done for 1-minute.  Keep your core tight and focus on that through the entire workout

  • Moving Ski Hops – Keep your feet together and hop 4 times to the left and 4 times to the right. Make sure you knees are together, core is engaged,  and you are using your arms.
  • Hit the Floor – We’ve done this before in other Insanity workouts.
  • Level 1 drills – drop down, jump into plank, 4 push ups, 8 floor sprints/mountain climbers (whatever you want to call them), just remember to keep your butt down.
  • Heisman – Shaun T does this is EVERY warm up it seems like, you should be very familiar with this.
  • 8 Switch Kicks/8 Hop Squats – Both of these exercises are from previous Insanity workouts but now put together in a combo move.  Keep your core tight and try to lift your legs as high as possible for your switch kicks and in your hop squats, butt is down and legs are wide.
  • High Jumps – try to jump as high as you can, feet together, squeezing your thighs together, and reaching as high as you can go.  It’s not so much about quantity as it is about quality in this exercise.
  • Wide Plank Walks – Walk your plank 4 steps to the right and 4 to the left.
  • 8 Elbows/4 Suicide Drills – Throw 8 alternating elbow punches followed by 4 suicide drills.  We’ve done suicide drills in other Insanity workouts.

Balance: Again focus on the core!  Each exercise is for a full minute.

  • 4 & 4 hops – Very easy exercise and effective exercise. All you are doing is hopping 4 times on your left leg, then alternating 4 times on your right leg for the allotted time period.
  • Jab Switch Jump Squats – Throw 8 alternating jabs while sitting in a low squat.  After your 8th jab while still in your squat position jump up and do a complete 180 degree turn in the air. Land and repeat. 
  • Hip Flexor Burners – This exercise is slightly different in that you hold each exercise for 30 seconds each without breaks!  First start with a simple knee lift, contracting your core as you lift your knee to hip height.  Arms are bent, elbows in to help keep your balance and keep things centered. Then after 30 seconds keep you knee lifted at hip height and begin small pulses lifting your knee up and down.  Finally after another 30 seconds you’re going to take the same leg, keeping it lifted, and extend your leg out (foot flexed) and back in for 30 seconds.  You may need to hold onto something to keep your balance at this point.  Once 30 seconds is finished, repeat the entire sequence on the other leg.
  • Oblique Knee Lifts –  Using your right arm and your right leg out to the side. Bring your elbow to your knee (or as close as you can get it) for 30 seconds. Repeat with left arm and leg.
  • Shoulder Burners (My favorite part!) – Get yourself into a plie squat (or regular squat if you aren’t flexible), take your arms straight out to the side (parallel to the floor) and pulse your arms for 30 seconds.  After that immediately begin bringing your straight arms front and back out to the sides contracting your core as you bring your arms forward for 30 seconds.  After that bring your arms up above your head and touch your fingertips and bring your arms back down (parallel to the floor) for 30 seconds.  Immediately go into back arm circles for 30 seconds, keeping your core tight, staying in your plie squat, and arms straight.  Finally move into forward arms circles for the last 30 seconds.

Cool Down: Stretch – don’t skip this part!

The funniest thing I found about the stretching part is that as you are stretching out your shoulders, Shaun T says don’t put your head back like him because it’s bad for you but if you are watching the video, over half of the people are doing it too.  I found that quite amusing.  I’m glad that I stuck to it and finished this week, but I’m so looking forward to what Month 2 has in store!  Stay tuned!


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