Summer Treats

I’m not big on ice cream until summer hits. There is something about 90 degree heat and 60% humidity that sends the ice cream craving my way. Being new to the dairy-free and gluten-free world, I wasn’t sure of my options other than your obvious snow cone, Italian Ice, and frozen fruit bar desserts. Well those are fine and dandy but they really don’t hit the spot when you are craving ice cream. I even went to a frozen yogurt shop and had their sorbet. It still didn’t cut it. Luckily my local Kroger has an organic/food allergy aisle, so I decided to see what they had to offer.

My first major find were these almond dream bars. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan friendly. I wasn’t sure at first because how can chocolate be vegan, but I decided to have an open mind. I’m so glad that I did. These are delicious! The chocolate coating tastes like normal chocolate and the ice cream is rich and velvety and so smooth. You really feel like you are eating a real ice cream bar made from milk. The only downside is that they cost roughly $5.00 a box and you only get 3 bars.

My next find was this So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream. I’m not a big fan of coconut but I am a sucker for all things mango. This definitely has the texture of ice cream with a tropical twist. You definitely can taste the mango but there is a tiny hint of coconut in the background. The coconut isn’t overpowering the flavor of the ice cream which I was worried about. With 240 calories per serving (1/2 cup), you don’t want to overindulge which can be easy to do. You’ll want to scoop it out into a dish otherwise you’ll end up eating it all in 3 days like I did. Downside? It costs $6.14 for a pint… Yowza!

I had high hopes for this flavor of So Delicious. I love green tea ice cream and there is no better way to complete a sushi dinner than with a scoop of green tea ice cream (unless you have some mochi laying around). I opened the container and put a huge spoonful in my mouth… What did I taste? Coconut with a hint of green tea. Unfortunately for this flavor, the green tea isn’t strong enough to stand on its own like the mango so the coconut milk takes center stage instead of the green tea. The texture is still creamy and smooth but the flavor is just all wrong. I guess that’s why it was on closeout for $3.14.


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2 responses to “Summer Treats”

  1. Mariajose says :

    Have you tried doing your own version? Lots of recipes online you can probably find and will most likely save you some cash. Those Almond Dream Bars look pretty good, though.

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