Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit Day 10


Today is officially Day 10 of my Insanity 60 Day Challenge and my third time completing the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout DVD.  If I am going to be completely honest with you, which I always am, I will tell you that it was not  easier than the first time I did it.  The only thing that has gotten easier was the warm up and that is because Shaun T. uses the same basic warm up moves in all the DVDs I’ve used so far.  Circuit 2 was still tough for me during the Level 1 drills, Ski Drills, and In-and-Outs because my shoulders can’t hold my weight that long while jumping into different plank positions and incorporating pushups as well.  I will say that I’ve gotten better since the first time, but I still can’t last the full 1 minute and 30 seconds without stopping for a break. And while I’m being honest, I also did some pushups on my knees. I love the fact that even though I’m 10 days into this challenge, Shaun T.’s workouts still get me super sweaty so I know I’m getting a killer workout in.  How many workouts do you know that you are sweating profusely after the warm up?  Yea, me either.  So for a refresher – here is what I did.

Warm up –  3X
Jog – this is no light jog.  Give it what you got.
Jumping Jacks – the key is to do the full jumping jack, arms come all the way up.
Heisman’s – Make sure you get both feet up in the air as you switch from side to side.
123-123 – These are Heisman’s with three steps in between.
Butt Kicks – Make sure you are kicking your butt with your heels when you run.
High Knees – Get your knees higher than your hips if you can.
Mummy Kicks – Arms out straight like a mummy, straight leg kick your feet while criss-crossing your arms at the same time.

Circuit 1 – 3x
Suicide Drills – Suicide drills aren’t extremely difficult.  If you watched basketball or played basketball, then you know what to do.  All you do is run to one side, touch the floor with the opposite hand (so run to the right, touch the ground with the left) and turn around and do the same thing on the other side.  Keep doing this until 30 seconds is up.
Power Squats – Power squats are like regular squats but with a small jump when you come to the top.  Be sure that you are pushing your butt back like you are sitting in a chair and you keep your arms in front of you to maintain balance and proper form.
Mountain Climbers – I felt super silly doing this and I was glad my husband was out of the room.  Basically you look like a person climbing a mountain, really fast, and there is no mountain.  Make sure you fully extend your arm up in the air and bring your opposite knee up to 90 degrees.  Switch and do the exact same thing on the other side.  Now repeat, but only do it super fast.
Ski Jumps – Keeping your feet together, jump side to side like you are skiing downhill.

*After Round 3*

Switch Feet – This looks a lot like my happy dance.  You are going from heel to toe keeping your legs straight and switching your feet and arms left to right. (A really bad running man, if you know that dance move)
Football Sprints – Football sprints have your feet out wide, knees are bent, you are down low with your hands out in front and you are moving your feet super fast.  You face front, then right, then front, then left, then you shuffle to the right, shuffle to the left, shuffle back, and set (touch the ground), and sprint.  You do this twice before you get your next water break.

Circuit 2 – 3x
Basketball Drills – To complete this exercise, all you do is face one side of the room, squat down, pick up an imaginary ball, and shoot to the front of the room or “the hoop.”  Make sure you squat all the way down with your butt going back to keep proper form and really engage your legs.  When you come up, really power up through your legs into an explosive jump.  It’s a lower body workout for sure!

Level 1 Drill – This is a B**** because it incorporates so many moves and I don’t know who Shaun T. was counting for, but there was no way I was moving that fast!  You start with 4 push-ups, move into 4 plank mountain climbers, jump your legs in by your hands, stand up reach for the sky and repeat.  I couldn’t even complete one solid push up with good form before he was already counting mountain climbers.  Don’t let this bother you, I figure eventually I’ll get there.

Ski Drills – Are you ready to work your core?  Starting in full plank position, jump both of your legs up to your right side.  Jump your legs back to starting position and then up to your left side.  Repeat as many times as you can until 30 seconds is up.

In and outs – Still in full plank position, jump your legs in to your hands, keeping your feet together.  And then jump your legs out back to plank position.  Make sure to keep your core tight throughout the entire exercise and take a break if you need it.  I certainly did!

After round 3, Shaun T. moved right into the last 3 moves.

Jabs – throw alternating jabs for 30 seconds.

Cross Jacks – Like jumping jacks but alternating arms in the air instead of both at the same time and crossing one foot in front of the other.

Upper Cuts – Squat down low and throw as many upper cuts as you can in 30 seconds.

Attacks – Just like jabs only instead of fists, hands are open.

And there you have it – Day 10 complete and 50 more to go!


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