Insanity Pure Cardio


The title pretty much says it all.  This workout was pure cardio.  From start to finish Shaun T. has you working your butt off literally. 

I really enjoyed this DVD, maybe because I’m a sucker for cardio workout, but I really liked it.  By far out of all the DVDs I have done so far, this one is probably my favorite because it’s so insane.   The DVD itself was about 38 minutes.  Of those 38 minutes, 11 minutes were the warm-up, followed by 6 minutes of stretching, and then 15 minutes of the actual pure cardio part.  That might not seem like a long time, but riddle me this, Batman… how long can you sprint for? How long can you squat jump for without taking a break? If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking maybe 30 seconds… MAX.  Now try doing a bunch of different crazy cardio exercises for 15 minutes without stopping… like I said: Insane! 

We started off the a typical Shaun T. warm up which consisted of his typical warm-up moves (I’m starting to see a trend here with his DVDs).  As always round 1 is getting a feel for the exercise, round 2 is faster, and round 3 is as fast as you can go while keeping good form.


▪   Jog in place

▪   Jumping Jacks – Keep your arms straight and touch your hands.

▪   Heisman – Get both feet off the ground between jumps.

▪   123-123 – Just like a Heisman but you are adding 3 steps in between.

▪   Butt Kicks – Running in place getting your heels to kick your butt

▪   High Knees

▪   Mummy Kicks – Kick straight leg with your arms straight out (like a mummy, hence the name) crossing your arms as you do it.  If you aren’t sure, check out this youtube video: Mummy Kicks

Like all of these videos, I was already dripping with sweat by the time we got to the stretching portion, which has now become my favorite part of the video.  After stretching, we were given our only designated water break for the entire video.  I made sure to take advantage of this because as much as I was sweating (and I’m not really a big sweater), I needed to rehydrate! 

Then came the workout, 1 minute of each exercise without stopping, but of course taking a break when you need so you don’t sacrifice form, and getting a drink if you need it.  This was seriously no joke.  I’ve linked YouTube videos to some of the exercises since some are difficult to explain.

Finally – a water break and stretching.  Phew! This was a seriously tough workout, but like I said I loved it!  I also really liked the fact that the people in the video needed to take breaks in the middle of the exercises like I did.  It didn’t make me feel bad about crawling to the  edge of the carpet to grab my water bottle.


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