Insanity Cardio Recovery

Recovery (noun): 1. the act of recovering 2. a return to a normal condition


If I’m recovering from cardio, which my last workout was (cardio power & resistance), I’m thinking to myself, Whew!  No cardio.  Hallelujah! This should be a nice break from the crazy insane cardio I did yesterday and it’s only 33 minutes long!  Yes!

Well after the 3 minute warm-up and stretching break, we move into plank exercises.  I have decent shoulder strength, but not enough to hold my entire body weight while doing something else simultaneously.  I definitely had to take a few breaks during the first plank exercise movement.  I held out okay during the plank pulses.  After warming up the abdominals and legs, we moved into another stretching position.  We held downward dog for a bit and then came into a flatback or hamstring stretch depending on your flexibility.  After yesterday’s workout (Cardio Power & Resistance), I needed all the stretching I could get.

We then moved onto lower body exercises with some slow squats which flowed nicely into the squat hold and pulses.  If you haven’t done it in a while or ever for that matter, go ahead and sit nice and low into a squat position where your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle, and you feel like you are sitting in an imaginary chair.  No go ahead and hold that pose for 30 seconds before you do 16 pulses.  Sucks, but in a good way.

Just like the squats, we performed some slow lunges, followed up with a lunge hold, and finished up with lunge pulses.  The crappy thing about lunges is that you have to do both legs, unlike squats which knocks out both legs at the same time.  The second leg is always the worst because you are kind of hurting already from the first round of lunges, now you have to complete the other side to balance things out.

Back to squats, this time just a touch faster than before, but not too fast because after all, this is a recovery workout.  Again followed up with the hold and pulses.  If you’re legs aren’t hurting yet, you are seriously inhuman… And of course we repeated the lunge circuit as well.

After this we did some quad strengtheners and oblique work on the floor and finished up the workout with balance poses (table top, knees to chest, knees to oblique) and more stretching.

Overall, this wasn’t really a true recovery because I was still working out, but I guess I was recovering from cardio since there wasn’t any cardio in this DVD.  I thought it was a nice change of pace and I was still a dripping mess when it was all said and done.  Hopefully the next time around I will be able to do more plank work!


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