Birthday Boxing

Goodbye 20’s.  Hello 30’s.  As I officially said goodbye to my 20’s, I wanted to ring in my new decade of life that would take me out of my comfort zone.  After all, 30 is the new 20 I hear.  And so what better way to step out of my comfort zone than to slap on a pair of boxing gloves and start punching things.  Now this may not sound out of your comfort zone, but if you knew me, you would know that I feel right at home shaking my groove thing or pounding the pavement.  What can I say, I’m a lover not a fighter.

Anyway, my friend Sarah had recently joined Title Boxing and seriously LOVES it.  With her encouragement, I showed up to class, had my hands and wrists wrapped for protection, and the bell rang.  There was no turning back.

Before we even put on our boxing gloves, we warmed up like any good workout should.  We stretched, did some shadow boxing, and ran laps around the perimeter of the punching bags.  The instructor for the day had some punching bags roped off for this crazy course we went through where we weaved in and out and ran side to side… and that was just the warm up!

After about 15 minutes of warming up, it was time to start boxing.  Gloves on, knees slightly bent, core engaged, and hands up we started to jab.  Jab, jab, cross was the first series of exercises.  Then we would switch sides to even it out.  Then he would call out a different sequence that added on like jab, jab, cross, hook.  It seemed he had has doing certain exercises for roughly 3 minutes straight before the buzzer went off and we went into some type of cardio like jumping jacks or jump rope.

Let me just say, I was feeling pretty good the first 10 minutes of the actual boxing portion but then we were doing all sorts of crazy combinations with jabs, crosses, hooks, and upper cuts.  I couldn’t seem to keep them straight so I was just punching the bag hoping not to get called out.  The instructor then put on this chest pad and was walking around making people punch him.  Of course, I was called upon.  The requirement was to get 30 good hits where he could hear it.  But not only did he have to hear the hit, he was walking towards you, pushing you back as you were trying to punch, jab, whatever with all your might.  This dude must have outweighed me by a good 50 pounds so after like 15 hits I was getting seriously tired.  No wonder those big guys on TV look like they are hugging each other all the time… this workout is exhausting!

FINALLY – I made my punching quota and he left to go pick on somebody else.  I went back to my lone punching bag, desperately wanting to hug it like I’ve seen on TV.  But since the punching bag doesn’t fight back, it would look weird hugging a bag while no one else was.  So I just kept on punching.  I could feel the skin on my right middle knuckle start to peel away as I was working out even though my hands were wrapped and protected in a glove.  There was nothing I could do.  I didn’t have time to stop and unwrap and re-wrap my hands, so I pushed on through the pain.  We kept this up for 35 minutes and the only breaks you got were the ones you took yourself.  I tried not to take too many breaks but sometimes a girl just needs to get a drink of water!

The last 10 minutes of class consisted of abdominal exercises.  We laid on the floor with the punching bag in between our ankles and with deliberate controlled movements, moved the punching bag side to side to work the obliques.  After about a minute, he had us pull the punching bag in toward our chest while simultaneously lifting our backs up off the floor into a sit up, back and forth, back and forth for another minute.  Brutal.  Next, with our feet together and legs straight, we had to lift our legs up into the air and drop them 6 inches off the floor on the left side of the punching bag, bring them back up to center, and drop them 6 inches off the floor to the right side for another minute.  By now my abs and my hip flexors are screaming at me, but no we are not done.  We roll over and put our hands onto our medicine balls and hold a full plank position (no knees).  He has us do a few more plank exercises with legs raised and pulsing leg raises and threw in a few side plank exercises for good measure.

My overall review of Title Boxing: Great workout if that is your type of thing.  It engages your entire upper body (back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and abs).  Most of the instructors will throw in some squats and lunges during recovery time to ensure a full body workout.  I recommend giving it a try if you are aren’t sure if you’d like it.  The great thing about Title Boxing is that your first class is free.  One word of warning is that the sales people can be a little pushy after class to get you to sign up on the spot.  I get that it’s their job to make sales, but $213 (and that was the promo price!) is a lot of money to drop on the spot for a membership.  They were trying to convince me to leave them my credit card number and then I could call later to approve the purchase… ummm no.  And I’m sorry but the more you push me to sign up, the less likely I will be to come back and actually sign up.  I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have a pay per class or punch card system.  I would definitely like to add this kind of workout to my already packed gym routine, but for $69 a month for some punching bags when I already pay $35 a month for a full gym membership with free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and fitness classes at my disposal… $69 is hard to swallow.  Hopefully they will come to their senses and offer drop-in rates for people like me. They are losing a huge market of people if they don’t.

Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars (lost stars for pushy sales guys and price)

Check out Title Boxing Club’s Website here.

Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club


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I am no fitness expert. I am simply someone who has found joy in fitness and nutrition. I am a certified group fitness instructor. I’ve been teaching at the local health club for about 3 years now. While Zumba was my first love, I have since added Total Conditioning, Bodyworks plus Abs, and Core to my repertoire of classes. I work with a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals that I cannot obtain through group fitness alone. This year I ran my first 5K and plan to run my first 10K in March. To further my knowledge in the fitness realm, I have begun reading Strong Women Stay Slim, New Rules for Lifting Abs, and The Body Sculpting Bible for Women. On my list to read next is Wheat Belly. I am always looking for new ways to further my education and knowledge to better serve the members that take my group fitness classes. Lately, I have started tinkering with recipes, buying healthy cookbooks, and finding easy, tasty, and healthy foods to make. Like I mentioned earlier, I am by no means an expert, but the things I share with you have helped me tremendously with my fitness journey. It is my hope that with these easy tips and recipes, that you too can make these tiny steps and see big positive changes in your life.

2 responses to “Birthday Boxing”

  1. libs012 says :

    Great picture Josie! I remember the skin coming off my knuckle the first class too. Sounds like you were a warrior though. Well done. How were your shoulders the next day? I remember being super sore. Proud you tried something out of your comfort zone. Cheers 🙂

  2. jvmckay says :

    Thanks Libby! I was pretty sore on Saturday (two days later), my shoulders for sure! But it was fun. I’m waiting for my knuckle to heal before I give it another go. 🙂

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