My First Power Lifting Meet

My friend, Ashley, set a personal fitness goal to compete in a Power Lifting Meet.  This is her story:
My First Power Lifting Meet
by Ashley Johnson
What drives me absolutely mad is hearing “I don’t want to get bulky, so I won’t lift heavy weights!”
Well after moving a total of 1255lbs in one day, 5 months of training, and totaling 500lbs in my first power lifting meet, I do not think I am one bit bulky….do you?
First things first, I got a coach that knew what she was doing. I wasn’t about to do this on my own, risk an injury, and not get max training in. Next on the list was to chose a meet date and pay my fees. This meant I was locked in, no backing out!
For 16 weeks, I followed a program in the gym and spoke to my coach on a weekly basis for critiques. Some weeks were awesome, and I felt like a super star in the gym under the iron. Other weeks I felt sluggish, weak and unmotivated (all driven by NUTRITION)!
Regardless, I followed the prescribed program, and before I knew it the day was here!
Friday afternoon I drove down with my coach to Cincinnati, Ohio to “weigh-in” as power lifting is much like wresting and that you compete in a weight class. Then I had to relax as much as possible and not let my nerves get the best of me.
Ironically, I slept like a baby that night, and woke up ready to lift some heavy weight.
Saturday morning I arrived at the facility with my coach at about 7:45am. The meet started at 9am, but I needed to warm up, stretch and do my mobility work to keep my joints open and pain free. As soon as I got there the names were on the board as to what order we would be squatting. I was #6. Honestly I was just thrilled I wasn’t first!
Squats started and I nailed my first weight at 135lbs, second was a little harder but good lift at 155. My third attempt was 175, but a prior injury flared up and I missed the lift. No biggie, I got 2/3 lifts in the squat round.
Bench was up next. I was a nervous wreck as bench has been my weakest lift and most difficult as far as technique for me. My coach was amazing, and continued to keep me focused on all my cues. “Shoulders back, lats tight, squeeze the bar, and heels down.” All three attempts were good, 90lbs, 100lbs, and 105lbs.
The last lift of the day was deadlifts, and this is by far my favorite. There is something about walking up to a heavy bar, and just picking it up. My three attempts on the deadlift came up well, and with ease. 205lbs, 225lbs and 240lbs.
In the meet they total the most weight on each lift for a finishing total. My total for my first meet was 500lbs. This was my goal, and I achieved it! The amount of weight I moved throughout the day was 1255lbs, my central nervous system was pooped, but my adrenalin was still going strong. I had finished my first powerlifting meet, successfully!
I wasn’t out there to compete or try to win anything, I was trying to compete against myself, and to see how much weight I could move. I was not the strongest, the weakest, the youngest or oldest. There were people of all ages, skill level, and muscle beefiness (yes I just made up that word). Everyone there was willing to help, support you, and especially cheer you on! It was the best experience I have had in a long time. I felt proud of myself, because it took months of dedication with both physical and mental strength to get there. I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!
Check out a video montage of Ashley’s meet HERE.

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