Insanity Fit Test – Day 1

I’m in the midst between gyms.  The gym I joined recently (November 5) closed their doors without warning (December 31) and the gym I just joined is still in renovations and won’t be opening until late February early March.  Now while I have to ability to attend any other of the local gyms in the area until my gym is finished, 20 minutes is more than I want to drive to work out for 45-60 minutes.  I’ve been spoiled by having both of my gyms within 7 minutes driving distance from my house… with that being said, I decided to purchase the Insanity program to keep me off the couch busy in the meantime.

I eagerly opened my box and checked out the program.  Insanity is a 60-day workout program that is designed to push you to your limits, whatever they might be.  What is great about this program is that ANYBODY and ANY BODY can do it.  Whether you just decided to do something for the first time or you are a workout fiend looking for something new, it’s totally for everyone.  I noticed on the calendar (yes – it comes with a workout calendar and it has built in rest days… 1 each week to be exact) that it said Fit Test fives times.  This is in order to track and monitor your progress because although the scale might not move the fact that you are adding numbers to your Fit Test is a testimony to the hard work you are putting in.  It is so important to track.  You have a better chance of success when you track something, anything than if you don’t track at all.  This way you don’t necessarily have to track you weight and get discouraged, you can track your performance instead.  I like that!

Today was the Fit Test.  Not knowing what to expect (but admittedly thinking I had this in the bag), I had my Tracking Sheet nearby with a pen, popped in the DVD and got to work.  We started with a quick warm-up, stretched some, and jumped into the fit test.  Let me just say that the video participants were sweating up a storm! I didn’t break a sweat, although that may be because my husband keeps our thermostat at 63 degrees… however, my heart rate was pretty high and it was an intense fit test to say the least.  I am happy to say that some of my original numbers were higher than their’s or close to their Fit Test 1 numbers.  That made me feel pretty good since I’m the type of person who likes to “keep up” with the instructor to the best of my ability.  I will also admit that I had to take some breaks because some of those moves were incredibly challenging.

Here is the breakdown and my Fit Test 1 Results

15 second – jog
15 second – jumping jacks
15 second – butt kicks
15 second – high knee run


Fit Test – 1 minute of each exercise and the record your number

Switch Kicks – Don’t let this exercise fool you.  It totally creeps up on you, it starts out and you are like this is super easy but by 30 seconds you are ready for a break.  This move is basically front kicks with a hop as you switch legs.

Power Jacks – Power jacks are a lot like jumping jacks except when you bring your arms down and legs jump apart, you sit in a squat upping the intensity just a bit.  The key to really getting anything out of this exercise is to really sit into your squat (like you are sitting into a chair making sure your knees don’t come forward over your toes) and then powering through your legs into the jump.  I did okay with this exercise but not as good as I hoped.

Power Knees – For those of you who are familiar with cardio group fitness classes, power knees remind me a lot of repeater knees except your stacked leg stays grounded and you are lifting your knee to the chest as quickly as possible, pulling your arms into the knee and lifting your arms overhead as your foot returns to the ground for stabilization.  The only problem is that you only do one leg so the other leg feels left out.  I paused the DVD so I could do the other leg just to be fair.  I’m an equal opportunity exerciser.

Power Jumps – If anyone is familiar with Shaun T. then you would know what a power jump is.  Power jumps are probably the most intimidating exercise Shaun T. performs (at least to me) in the Insanity DVDs.  Power Jumps are simply jumping up into the air and touching your knees with your hands (while they are at waist height…yes in the air). Using your abs HELPS!  If you are not comfortable with jumping or having your feet leave the ground, this will be your biggest challenge.  It gets easier with time, trust me.  The key is to land with soft knees.  If anything, try.  No harm comes in trying.

Globe Jumps otherwise known as Box Jumps – Globe jumps are incredibly difficult. I totally started out strong but about half way through my legs started to give up on my.  You do a squat jump (exactly what it sounds like) and you are jumping in a box, or you jump to all four corners of your imaginary box. Four jumps in a box count as 1 repetition. Don’t try to be an animal and don’t expect to get a lot of these completed in one minute.  Even Tanya didn’t get that many and she’s on the DVD!

Suicide Jumps – I call these burpees so I’m not sure where he got this name from.  Burpees/Suicide Jumps are hard to describe without visual representation but I will give it my best shot.  Start in standing position.  Squat down with your hands touching the floor and jump back into plank position.  Jump your feet back towards your hands and explode up into the air.  That counts as 1 repetition.  Make sure that you exhale with every jump you do (3 exhales).  Do this as many times as you can without breaking form.  Form is everything.  If your form breaks, then you are no longer getting a beneficial workout from it.  Take a break (albeit a quick one) and come right back.  If you cheat on your form, you are only cheating yourself.

Push-Up Jacks – This is a combination of a push-up with a jumping jack.  You are going to start in push-up position but there is no “knee option.”  You must be on your toes.  Hands are slightly wider than your chest.  As you lower yourself into your push-up, your feet will jump out wide like a jumping jack.  As you push up from your push-up, your feet will jump back together completing the push-up jack.  This was definitely hard for me and by this point in the Fit Test I was seriously in the hurt locker and we hadn’t even been working out for 30 minutes yet!

Low Plank Oblique – The last exercise has you in low plank position (plank on your forearms rather than your hands).  As you hold yourself in plank position, you bring your right knee out towards your right elbow and then bring your foot back into starting position. Repeat this move on the left side.  You do this as many times as you can in just one minute.  Make sure you really try because this is your base line assessment.  Hopefully you only get better from here.  The key to this move is to keep your proper alignment and don’t let your hips drop down (as I often see with participants in my group fitness classes) and keep your core tight.

Stretch – YAY! I made it!  This was only a 25 minute assessment but boy did I feel like I got my bootie handed to me!  All in all, I am happy with my baseline assessment and hopefully I will see improvement when I take my second Fit Test.

My Results
Switch Kicks – 120
Power Jacks – 58
Power Knees – 86
Power Jumps – 37
Globe Jumps – 9
Suicide Jumps – 16
Push-Up Jacks – 24
Low Plank Obliques – 65



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