On October 23rd I recommended a blog on how to shake up your workout.  Well tonight – I finally had the chance to try it out.  Tonight I performed the ladder technique.  What is the ladder technique you might ask?  You complete two sets of exercises (a superset if you will) back-to-back.  For example, I did burpees with push-ups and kettlebell swings.  You begin with 10 reps of each, then 9 reps, followed by 8 and you get the drift.  So tonight was finally the night that I completed it.

I thought to myself – this can’t be too bad.  I’ll be in and out in no time.  Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.  I gave myself a five-minute warm-up on the elliptical trainer, stretched for a few minutes, grabbed a 20-pound kettlebell and went to work.

First set – started out strong, completing my burpee and push ups on my toes followed by an explosive jump to the top.  As soon as I was finished with my 10 burpees, I immediately grabbed my kettlebell and started squatting and swinging.  Ten swings completed and onto set number two.  However, this second set was a little bit harder than the first.  I could barely jump up after my second burpee which led me to just standing and reaching up instead of jumping.  About halfway through my second set, my push ups went to my knees.  I didn’t realize how tired my legs would get just from jumping in and out and standing up.  My heart was pumping hard as I moved to complete my second set of kettlebell swings.

Once finished – there was NO WAY I was able to complete my next set of 8 burpees and kettlebell swings, so I moved over to the decline bench and busted out 25 sit-ups to give my weary legs a rest.  Then I moved right back into completing my sets of 8 and 7 reps.  Again, needed a break.  So I moved to the floor and did 25 crunches to bring down my heart rate just a tad.  With that quick break, I was able to muster up enough energy to get back and finish up my next two sets.  I did a quick lap around the gym floor (walking) and was ready to get this done!

I saw the end and so I sucked it up and completed my last four sets to complete a total of 55 burpees with push-ups, 55 20-pound kettlebell swings, and 50 crunches.  I was stinking tired!  I went over and hopped on the treadmill and walked a 5 minute cooldown at a 3.5 speed.  I will tell you this – I was glad that this workout was over.

I was hoping to complete this set of ladders without breaks, obviously I was a little over-zealous.  My goal is to continue to incorporate this workout into my fitness schedule and eventually I will be able to complete this ladder start to finish with no breaks.  Stay tuned!


About Food4Thought

I am no fitness expert. I am simply someone who has found joy in fitness and nutrition. I am a certified group fitness instructor. I’ve been teaching at the local health club for about 3 years now. While Zumba was my first love, I have since added Total Conditioning, Bodyworks plus Abs, and Core to my repertoire of classes. I work with a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals that I cannot obtain through group fitness alone. This year I ran my first 5K and plan to run my first 10K in March. To further my knowledge in the fitness realm, I have begun reading Strong Women Stay Slim, New Rules for Lifting Abs, and The Body Sculpting Bible for Women. On my list to read next is Wheat Belly. I am always looking for new ways to further my education and knowledge to better serve the members that take my group fitness classes. Lately, I have started tinkering with recipes, buying healthy cookbooks, and finding easy, tasty, and healthy foods to make. Like I mentioned earlier, I am by no means an expert, but the things I share with you have helped me tremendously with my fitness journey. It is my hope that with these easy tips and recipes, that you too can make these tiny steps and see big positive changes in your life.

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